Other clinical BMI applications

Alzheimer´s Disease

Study Status
Neurofeedback in Alzheimer’s Disease
Oregon Health and Science University
Not yet recruiting
Brain-Computer Interface System for Training Memory and Attention in Elderly
Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, Duke University
Completed (June 2017)
Effectiveness of a Brain-Computer Interface Based System for Cognitive Enhancement in the Normal Elderly
Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School
Completed (April 2014)


Study Status
Brain-Computer Interface-based Programme for the Treatment of ASD/ADHD (ASDBCI)
Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School
BCI (Brain Computer Interface) Intervention in Autism
IBILI – Institute for Biomedical Imaging in Life Sciences
Completed (September 2018)
Rt-fMRI NF Intervention Study in ASD
IBILI – Institute for Biomedical Imaging in Life Sciences
Completed (September 2018)

Depressive Disorders

Study Status
Affect Regulation Based on Brain-computer Interface Towards Treatment for Depression
Institute of Mental Health, Singapore
Completed (September 2018)
Symptom Based Treatment Affects Brain Plasticity – Cognitive Training in Patients With Affective Symptoms (APIC-II)
RWTH Aachen University
Not yet recruiting
A Feasibility Study to Evaluate Safety and Initial Effectiveness of ExAblate Transcranial MR Guided Focused Ultrasound for Bilateral Anterior Capsulotomy in the Treatment of Medication-Refractory MDD
Yonsei University
Completed (July 2018)


Study Status
Neurofeedback for Fibromyalgia
Institute of Pain Mecine, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center


Study Status
Brain Computer Interfaces for Functional Recovery From Brain Injury
University of Washington

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